Why you should be using a Toning Mist?

Toners are often the ‘skipped’ part of a skincare routine, but they really are the essential step to creating the most effective skincare routine.

We like to think of a toner more as a ‘Hydration’ mist…or even better HYDRATION MUST!

Toners contain hydrating ingredients such as Aloe Vera, which are important to use straight after cleansing to allow your moisturiser to penetrate the skin more effectively. If your skin is dry after cleansing you may not get all of the benefits from your moisturiser, and you will notice you have to use a lot more than when used after a light spray of mist.

Our superstar water-based toning mist offers various benefits such as soothing, softening and hydrating the skin💧Using the mist as a part of your daily skincare routine is an important step as it ensures your skin is prepared for better uptake of your moisturiser. By softening the surface of your skin cells through the hydrating ingredients you allow your moisturiser do its best work (and save you money by ensuring you don’t overuse it) 👌🏼

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