Why ‘Active’ & What Does It Truly Mean?

As a part of your morning self-care routine we want to remind you to start your day with a beautiful mindset. Take time for gratitude and appreciation for the gift of today that you have been blessed with.

Take a moment to think about how you can be an active participant in living your best life. What can you actively do today to light up your own world and all those who are around you?

We want Move By Minerva to remind you to live an Active Lifestyle.
We want to remind you that Active Living can play an important role in all areas of your life.
We want to remind you to ‘Move’ away from your screens and get outdoors more.
We want you to be truly engaged in life.

Active means many things and we aim to add more ‘life’ to your life.

Active meaning ‘engaged in action’.
Active meaning ‘being in a state of existence, progress, or motion’.
Active meaning physical effort and action.
Active meaning ‘producing or involving action or movement’.
Active meaning ‘an active social life’.
Active meaning ‘an active mind’.
Active meaning ‘an active member of society’.
Active meaning ‘engaging or ready to engage in active pursuits’.
Active meaning ‘a long and active life’.
Active meaning ‘an active imagination’.
Active meaning ‘active in an organisation’.
Active meaning ‘ to take action and used to emphasise that someone is taking action in order to achieve something, rather than just hoping for it.
Active meaning ‘to take interest in’ eg the environment, animal welfare, politics, history etc
Active meaning ‘playing an active role on the committee or volunteering’ etc
Active meaning ‘someone who is active and does a lot of different activities.
Active meaning ‘to take positive action to make something happen and to be a part of change’
Active meaning rest, recovery and recharging.

Our goal of self-care should not be about ‘fixing’ things or are so-called ‘flaws. An active lifestyle across all areas, a well-balanced diet, and daily rituals such as a simple skincare routine is about valuing and respecting your body and knowing that you are worthy.

Get active now with our beautiful 3-Step System 

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