I have been a fit girl forever!

An active lifestyle for me was never about solely how my body looked.

I started in team sports when I was younger and I learned through experience about the benefits of an active lifestyle, long before I even realised there was such a thing as #bodygoals.

It’s hard for me to express in words because it is the ‘feeling’ through training, and having health and fitness as a part of my life that has given me so much. It’s so beyond a ‘good body’. Yes often many of us start with that reasoning and we work to reshape our bodies and sculpt our muscles, but it’s everything that comes along with it that is what changes your life.

When you embrace any type of training it teaches you so much than you could imagine.

  • You learn about setting goals, having a plan, overcoming fear, jumping in the deep end and learning when you for the most part have absolutely no idea about what you are doing.
  • You learn about patience and consistency because results, performance, and aesthetics based goals take time.
  • You learn about commitment because to continue to progress you must keep going.
  • You learn about overcoming obstacles, and at times failure through inevitable injuries at some point and illness, and challenges of life that can derail your health and fitness lifestyle goals.
  • It teaches you about picking yourself back up and how to get back on track when you fall off the wagon, because it happens!
  • For many it’s a game changer when it comes to mood elevation and surviving another day when battling depression, sadness or those really tough times in life.
  • It brings you together in an environment where you can meet other people from all walks of life that you may never have crossed paths.
  • It teaches you about routine and creating habits that overflow into other areas of your life.
  • And I know most woman will agree it makes you feel more confident in yourself, happier, and a great sense of achievement every time you finish another session.

In my early 30’s I visited a skin clinic and the lady spoke to me about taking care of my skin. She explained that as I was getting older it was even more important to take care of my skin by keeping to clean, nourished and hydrated. She mentioned my skin was getting quite dry and was lacking moisture, and by not taking care of it I would start to age faster. I left with the decision made to start a simple skincare routine.

I searched around, asked for advice, tried a heap of products and spent quite a bit of money in the process. I just didn’t like it. I couldn’t find a product that was suitable for me as an active woman. Everything I tried was either too thick and heavy on my skin, took too long to dry, didn’t absorb well, had too much fragrance, or caused me to breakout. So the next step of course was google (ha!). Again, searching, searching, and NOTHING for us fit girls!

And so it began.

That was almost 5 years ago.

During this that time I went to work to create an effective skincare range for women who lived an active lifestyle. There was quite a few ‘no compromise’ requirements. The first being that I had to 100% believe in, stand by and use the products on my own skin. Integrity is a huge deal! Number 2, the products had to be all natural. Next, I wanted the products all manufactured locally in Australia. Also the products had to actually work. No fancy schmancy ingredients added to justify a ridiculous price. A healthy, active lifestyle and great skin should be accessible to every woman. And of course NO ANIMAL TESTING! I mean seriously why would you? If you create a beautiful product using all natural ingredients then why the test a HUMAN product n an innocent animal! So testing was done entirely by me as one of the directors of the company, and my close friends. At 37 years of age, the results don’t lie.

The actual development process was done for a period of just over two years, and the end result has been a really fantastic product that is specifically designed as active skincare for active women. The name meaning:

MINERVA as she was the Roman goddess of wisdom and Latin meaning “intellect”

MOVE simply relates to the action of movement thus found in active people.

It made sense to us to combine these two words to come up with our brand name.

We know that we are the first in this space where our complete focus has been a premium product for all our fit girls out there. What makes us different to all those that will now follow? We didn’t just throw together some ingredients and formulas to take advantage of the growing fitness market and interest in an active lifestyle. We spent 2 YEARS trialling and ensuring we bought the absolute best product to the market, so we can promise you nothing compares when it comes to a skincare range for fit women around the word.

We are so excited to have you here and are so excited to be a part of your health and fitness journey.

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