A Step By Step Guide To Our 3 Part Process

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication🌻

3-Steps to clean, fresh, hydrated and glowing skin.


We pride ourselves on being an honest and transparent company, and therefore the simplicity of the range and 3-step system ensures there are no complicated routines that leave you feeling confused, or extra expense that leaves a huge hole in your pocket. Move By Minerva is a complete cosmeceutical healthy-ageing range that contains proven active ingredients to penetrate the skin at a cellular level and bring about visible change with minimal products

Each of the products in our simple 3 step system work synergistically with each other. Like everything in life there are no shortcuts.

Step 1: Cleanse

The cleanser is developed perfectly to clean your skin, because without clean skin the hydration mist and moisturiser won’t work be able to do their job at best👌

Apply a pea-sized amount onto wet hands. Using light, circular motions, lather over face for 30 seconds then rinse and pat dry. For best results use it daily, both morning and night or after a workout.

Tip – We find it easiest to leave the cleanser in the shower so it is ready to go morning and night. Alternatively you can use it at your basin.

Step2: Hydrate

The hydration mist (must) is often the ‘skipped’ part of a simple skincare routine because people don’t realise how powerful it is in ensuring your skin uptakes the moisturiser optimally🙌

After cleansing and prior to moisturising, apply one or two sprays to cover entire face in the morning and evening.

Tip- The toning mist can also be used throughout the day for an energising pick me up to hydrate the skin, especially if you work in an air-conditioned environment.

Step3: Protect

The moisturiser is designed to nourish and protect the skin so it completes the process of fresh, clean, hydrated skin🙏

After cleansing and directly after applying the spray mist, apply a pea-sized amount to the face and neck and spread evenly. Use morning and evening.

These truly are the foundation steps of taking care of your skin💙

Like all good things in life don’t look for short cuts and quick fixes.

There is no need for complicated routines.

Healthy, fresh, and glowing skin is a result of consistency and simplicity.

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